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Assembly guide (keyboard/gamepads interface)

Building options

Whithin the same board, you may choose from two building options:

  • NES gamepad version
  • Megadrive/Genesis/Atari 2600 version

For improved typing experience, you may consider adding the keyboard overlay.


This is a modular board which not only allows the choice of gamepad interface, but also makes the keyboard optional. Much like the main computer board, a prefix on component designators indicate what option that component is needed:

  • Single-digit designator: common components needed for all configurations.
  • 1x (10 to 19) designators: if keyboard is required.
  • 2x (20 to 29) designators: for Megadrive/Genesis/VCS keypad 1
  • 3x (30 to 39) designators: for NES keypad 1
  • 4x (40 to 49) designators: for Megadrive/Genesis/VCS keypad 2
  • 5x (50 to 59) designators: for NES keypad 2

...with the exception of the keyboard switches (SW1 to SW40) which are all obviously related to the keyboard.


Unlike most multi-option boards on the Durango ecosystem, some components for the NES or Megadrive options are NOT compatible with each other and must NOT be fitted together, otherwise malfunction (or even component damage!) may occur.

Step by step

As usual, follow all the usual recommendations. Exert special caution when mounting the connection to computer (J5), although this board can be used externally (i.e., not sitting atop the Durango·X main PCB) by using an IDC-16 cable.


Versions of this board prior to v1.3 had a bug affecting the MD/Genesis/VCS option. A workaround is described for these boards but it swaps the functionality of the START and C (a.k.a. SELECT) buttons. NES version was never affected but v1.3 is anyway recommended because of the improved silkscreen. ALWAYS make sure to read the Hacks and fixes section.