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The physical devices in the Durango ecosystem:


Former experiments before the definitive Durango·X computer:

  • Baja
  • SDd / Chihuahua
  • Durango·PROTO
  • Abandoned projects

The Durango architecture

All the current stuff:


Durango's not alone... choose your flavour!

Durango·X SBC

The main computer: what it does, how it works and how can it be improved.

  1. Overview
  2. Specs and options
    1. v1 and improvements for v2
    2. Options
    3. Palette
    4. IRQ generation
  3. Theory of Operation
  4. Hacks


The classic way to get software up and running on Durango... with a modern twist.

  1. Overview & pinout
  2. mini-cartridge
  3. devCart
    • Overview
    • ShadowRAM
  4. Bankswitching
    • 128K - 1M
    • multi-cartridge
  5. Universal cartridge (new)
  6. Riser boards
    • PSG
    • Breakout board
  7. Veracruz cartridge format

Peripherals & Interfaces

Connectivity means 'ready for the future':

  1. nanoLink
  2. IOx bus
    • Pinout
    • Assigned addresses
  3. Keyboard & Gamepads
  4. Other IOx devices
    • nanoLink output
    • FastSPI & I2C
    • PASK
    • GPIO
  5. Sidecar devices
    • Overview
    • SD + RTC


Durango even better.

  • Keyboard overlay
  • Component Video output
  • PowerDurango adapter

Alternative architectures

With the 65C02

  • Chihuahua: small footprint (~98 x 72 mm) SBC with no built-in video, but sporting a VIAbus interface. For convenience, it shares the IOx and cartridge connectors from Durango·X.

Motorola 6800/Hitachi 6300

  • Rosario: Simple SBC based on the Hitachi 6301/6303 microcontroller in the same small form factor of Chihuahua. Can be configured to run without cartridge.

Other CPUs

To be done

Alternative accessories

The following devices share the common Chihuahua/Rosario form factor (~98 x 72 mm):

  • picoVDU: simple video output for Rosario, Chihuahua or even any other 6502 system.
  • SimpleI/O: eight LEDs and eight pushbuttons for simple interaction with any device sporting the VIAbus interface.
  • LCD keypad: connect an LCD character display easily.

Future projects

We won't stop here...

  • Durango Pocket
  • Durango·C
  • Veracruz
  • SIXtation