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You can use Docker to compile and use tools for develop for Durango Ecosystem. You can find Durango Docker Images in Docker Hub.

Arm tags

The images for Arm based architecture, are taged with the sufix -arm.

This image includes:

  • xa65 assembler for 6502.
  • cc65 C Compiler.
  • Durango Computer Lib.
  • Rescomp java Utility

To locate the Durango computer lib files, you can use the $DDK environment variable.

Under Development

These images are under development and can be changed.

To use this image, you can use the next command:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/src/durango zerasul/durangodevkit

By default, the make command is executed.

The current DockerFile, is located in the DurangoRetro repository.

For more information about Docker, please check Docker Web Page.

Github CodeSpaces

You can use and Compile a new ROM using Github CodeSpaces.

  1. create a Fork from our Durango Example Template:
  2. Enter on Codespaces mode (press . or press codespaces button on code dropdown menu).
  3. On the current vscode Terminal, use the Durango Docker Image.

docker run -v $PWD:/src/durango zerasul/durangodevkit:latest
4. Now you can see the .dux file and dowload it.

For more information about Github CodeSpaces please see: