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Durango-X cartridges

Durango Cartridge

Standard Durango mini-cartridge

The Durango cartridge hosts the ROM chip containing any program or game for the Durango-X computer.

You can use EPROM, EEPROM or Flash chips to store the software.

Durango-X has up to 32 KiB of ROM address space, but you could use bankswitching to store more information, with a suitable cartridge.

Currently, three kinds of cartridges have been developed:

  • The standard mini-cartridge (suitable for most EPROMs, EEPROMs and Flash chips, up to 32 KiB) as pictured above.
  • The Development Cartridge, which adds 32 KiB shadow RAM plus an SD Card reader.
  • A recently developed bankswitching cartridge, suitable for 32-pin EPROMs and similar devices, ranging from 128 KiB to 1 MiB, switchable in either 16 or 32 KiB banks.

Also under development is a multi-cartridge, which will hold more than a ROM image, cycling between them simply by hitting the RESET button.

All these cartridges use the same pinout.

For more information about Durango-X cartridges please refer to the Getting Started section.