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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find some questions about the Durango Project and all the projects related with it.

What is Durango?

Durango is an Open Hardware and Open Source project, lead by the Durango Computer Team, intended for learning how to create a Home Computer using the 6502 microprocessor. With this project you can build a computer from scratch, creating the minimum software base and even a gaming platform.

How I can get a Durango Computer?

You can build a Durango Computer getting the PCBs made and all the components, as you can see in the Getting Started Page. You can find information about Hardware and Software in this Web site as well.

Can I purchase a Durango Computer?

No. Currently it's in development stage and there is no plan to sell any Durango Computers. You can build your own Durango from the supplied design, anyway.

Do I need a Durango Computer in order to develop for this platform?

No. We provide Development Tools to create and run your own Durango Software, like an emulator, a C Library and even a Docker Image containing all the tools for development.

Can I contribute for this Project?

Of course! This is an Open Hardware and Open Source project. You can find the source code of all of our Project in our Github Organization.