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Assembly guide (computer)

Building options

Whithin the same board, you may choose from several building options:

  • Supported video modes:
    • Colour only (Durango·S)
    • HIRES only (Durango·R)
    • Both modes (Durango·X, recommended option)
  • Monitor output:
    • SCART (colour via RGB, recommended option)
    • Sync-on-green (v1) / Component video (v2+)
    • Second audio/video output
  • Composite encoding:
    • Greyscale (standard in v1)
    • Luminance (standard in v2+, recommended option)
  • PAL encoder (for composite output, NOT recommended)
  • Piezo buzzer for audio


Before you begin soldering, please make sure you've got both the PCB and ALL of the components needed, and that they fit the footprints on the PCB. Depending on the chosen configuration, some components may vary. In some cases, values are not mandatory and might be changed to fit your stock.

Step by step


This is a particularly complex project so it's assumed you've got some experience soldering electronic circuits.

First of all, please read the general advice suitable for all of the boards. But before soldering, have into account this particular board's peculiarities:

  • IOx and Expansion (sidecar) connectors must be placed ABSOLUTELY FLUSH to the board, otherwise fitting peripherals may become difficult or right impossible!
  • Some video output options are compatible and may be installed simultaneously, but some others have overlapping footprints and aren't. Other than that, all the components can be fitted to the board without any problems, no matter the selected configuration.
  • If you plan to use the suggested keyboard/gamepads interface board, do NOT solder D6 and D4 yet (POWER and ERROR LEDs) as they must be set at the proper height in order to be visible over the keyboard PCB.


v2 and v2.1 PCBs have a design bug which displays the picture heavily shifted to the left of the screen (although the whole area stays visible). Check the hacks and fixes section for an easy mod to fix this. v2.2 and later are NOT affected by this bug, as wasn't v1.

Video Output Calibration

Adjustment procedure in order to get the best video output from a Durango computer


Not working? Don't panic!