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About the Durango Project

Durango is a project developed by zuiko21, with the help of La Jaquería, to create a computer using the 6502 microprocessor with its own architecture.

This is an Open Hardware and Open Source Software Project. You can find all our projects in our Github Organization.

Durango Computer Team

The Durango Computer Team is the people behind the project, working together to design and implement the hardware and software for Durango.

Of course everyone can become part of the Durango Computer Team, thanks to the open Hardware and Open Source initiative. Here you can find the core people of the Durango Computer Team:

Zuiko21 Emiliollbb Zerasul
zuiko21 Emiliollbb Zerasul
6502 Guru. Father of Durango-X Born in the 80's, always looking for cool projects to learn from Software Engineer that loves the retro world.