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Durango Development RAM Cartridge

Durango Cartridge

Durango Development RAM Cartridge

The Durango-X Development RAM Cartridge allows to load programs using an SD Card interface.


Current revision (v1) of the Development Cartridge has a bug that must be fixed in orde to be useable. A workaround has been developed. Do not use this mod in later revisions.

This cartridge adds an additional 32KiB static RAM to Durango-X on the same address space as the cartridge ROM, effectively upgrading the computer to a whole 64 KiB RAM system.

The firmware ROM can be switched off, allowing the underlying RAM to execute its contents. After downloading, cartridge RAM writes can be disabled, making it as reliable as running from a standard ROM chip.

Also, you can use this cartridge to load programs using the nanoLink interface into the cartridge RAM. You can send programs to Durango-X using a Raspberry Pi connected using GPIO.