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DurangoLib or Durango Computer Framework is a library written in C that can be used to generate new Software for Durango.

It's based on user friendly functions and tries to minimize development time, helping you to configure everything needed to generate a new ROM or executable.

You can find the Source code in our Github Repository.


To use this library you need the following prerequisites:


To install this library you can follow two approaches:

  • Install in your own machine:

    1. Download the last Release from the release page.
    2. Unzip in your computer the downloaded .zip file.
    3. Create a new Environment Variable DDK (Durango Dev Kit) that contains the path where the .zip was unzipped.
  • Use a Docker Image.

docker pull zerasul/durangodevkit:latest

Compile Durango Lib

You can compile the Durango Lib, cloning the Source Code and generate a new version; you'll need the following prerequisites.

  • make
  • CC65.
  • git
  • curl
  • zip & unzip

To compile and generate the zip file:

make && make makeziplib

If you want to use the Docker Image:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/src/durango zerasul/durangodevkit:latest make && make makeziplib


This software is under development and is not suitable for production yet. We are working to improve this library and provide more user friendly information.


You can find in the examples folder, some examples to build. To compile each Example, you need first to Compile the Durango Framework.

git clone

Or if you are using Docker:

git clone
docker run --rm -v $PWD:/src/durango zerasul/durangodevkit:latest

Once you compile the last version of Durango Framework, you can compile each example:

make -C examples/

Or using Docker

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/src/durango zerasul/durangodevkit:latest make -C examples/

For more information about the examples or the Durango Lib, check the docs folder with the generated documentation.