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Future Projects

Here You can find Information about Future projects that can be in development in the future. You can find new features or revisions of the Durango Computer Project.

Durango Imager

If you are going to use the Durango Development Cartridge, you can use this application to select all the Durango Roms, generate an image, and flash to the SDCard.


This Project is under design stage, the current features, can be changed in the future.


A quantum leap above the 8-bit, 6502-based Durango home computers. The use of the advanced 65C816 CPU will allow full compatibility of well-behaved minimOS applications, but also the availability of a much larger address space and higher speed (especially with 16-bit math).

The ultimate goal is to reach the 3M benchmark (1 MiB of memory, 1 Mpixel on screen, 1 MIPS). The current Veracruz model lacks only the "second M", topping at ~0.25 Mpixel (512x512).

  • Veracruz: the entry-level 5 MHz 65C816 workstation
  • SIXtation·P: ~7 MHz portrait display workstation1
  • Jalisco: 9 MHz 65C816 workstation with 1360 x 768 px. colour display2
  • Tabasco: Top of the range 13.5 MHz 65C816 workstation with high resolution colour display2


This Project is under construction; is only in design and definition stage and is not ready yet.

Veracruz Basic Specs

  • CPU: 65C816 @ 5 MHz
  • ROM: 32 KiB built in firmware plus extended cartridge slot up to 1 MiB
  • RAM: 256 KiB, expandable to 1 MiB
  • Use of some dedicated chips (65C22 VIAs, 6445 CRTC, PLDs...) for reduced chip count
  • Video output: via SVGA monitor
  • Other ports to be determined

Video Modes

Video Modes: (to be determined)

  • 256 x 256 px. 4 bpp (16-colour GRgB fixed palette, no restrictions)
  • 512 x 512 px. 1 bpp (monochrome)
  • 128 x 256 px. 8 bpp (256-colour fixed palette) (under development)
  • Inverse Video mode (hardware)
  • 128 x 128 px. 4 bpp (16-colour GRgB fixed palette, for Durango compatibility) (under development)
  • Two 32 KiB screens software-switchable

  1. Full specs to be determined 

  2. Name and full specs to be determined.