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Utility Software

Here you can find information about Durango's programs or utilities.


You can download the Binary ROM image, or see the source code. Most of the assembly source code can be assembled with the xa65 assembler.


Most of these ROM images are intended to be used with the Perdita emulator, or downloaded into an SD card for bootstrapping. In order to "blow" an EPROM/EEPROM with them, make sure the contents stay at the end of the memory range, adding an appropriate leader (usually consisting of $FFs) to match your chip's capacity, if needed.


Durango EhBASIC

EhBASIC for Durango-X

basic.dux: EhBASIC Interpreter. With this ROM you can run BASIC programs in your Durango. This is an MS-BASIC-based interpreter, but it adds Durango-specific BASIC commands for graphics, colour and sound.

More information about EhBASIC interpreter:

Nano Python

Durango Python Interpreter (Proof-of-Concept) under development.


This is the bootstrap firmware loader from a Raspberry Pi or SD card).

With this ROM you can launch ROM images using the nanoLink interface connected to a Raspberry Pi, or from an SD card. Needs the Development Cartridge.

There is an specific version for the SD card interface] on the Development Cartridge, or even the new FastSPI interface; it allows selection between several concatenated ROM images to boot, plus works as a screen dump viewer (both HIRES and colour modes):

For more information, please see Raspberry Pi Server tool Section and the ROM images in SD card section

GamePads Tester (standalone)

Durango Gamepad Test

Durango-X Gamepads Test
  • gamepads.bin : Standalone Durango Gamepad Tester; Press Gamepad buttons to check that they're working. This test is compatible with the integrated 40-key Keyboard and gamepad interface.

  • ROM

  • Source Code

Keyboard Tester (standalone)

Durango Keyboard Test

Durango Keyboard Test
  • keyboard_tester.bin : Standalone Durango Keyboard Tester. Press keyboard buttons to check that it's working properly. This test is compatible with the integrated 40-key Keyboard and gamepad interface.

  • ROM.

  • Source Code.


If three or more keys are pressed at the same time, ghosting may happen. The simple matrix used on the 40-key Keyboard cannot avoid this, unfortunately.

Durango Full Test

Durango Full test

Durango Full Test
  • fulltest.dux : Full Hardware Test for Durango and basic peripherals; use NMI (F2 on perdita) key to cycle between all tests. Includes a compact version of the gamepads & keyboard tests above.

  • ROM

  • Source Code depends on some other files, check #includes.

For more information about Full Test, please check Full Test documentation page.