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Durango Code

Durango Code is a Visual Studio Code extension; this extension allows you to configure and use the Durango Development tools like:

  • CC65 suite.
  • Durango Lib.
  • Rescomp Java Application.
  • Docker Durango Dev Kit Image.

This extension adds some commands for use with Durango Based Projects:

  • Create new Hello World Durango Project.
  • Compile the current Durango Project.
  • Clean the current Durango Project.
  • Run the current Durango Project using an Emulator.
  • Run the current Durango Project using the Nanoboot application for send to a Durango machine (only for Raspberry Pi).
  • Compile and Run on an Emulator.


This extension is under development and the features can change; please see changelog or the Github repository for more information.


You can install Durango Code from the extension marketPlace using the Extension tab on Visual studio Code; just search "Durango Code" and press install.

Durango EhBASIC

Durango Code Extension Installation


Durango Code is compatible with Visual Studio Code 1.75 or higher.

Also, you can install manually from the Durango Code Release page:

Just download the .vsix file, and press on Visual studio code ctrl+shift+p later, select the Extensions: install from vsix....


Before use Durango Code, you need to configure the extension; you can find the Configuration pressing ctrl+, or select the File->Preferences->settings menu.

Durango Code have the next Configuration to custom your Durango Development Tools installation:

  • Perdita Path: The current Durango-x Emulator executable Path.
  • NanoBoot Path: The current NanoBoot executable Path.
  • DDK: Overrides the current DDK environment Variable.
  • Custom Rescomp Jar: Custom Rescomp Jar application path. By default is on $DDK/rescomp/rescomp.jar.
  • romLocation: Location where the Rom is generated after compilation. By default is rom.dux.
  • DockerImageName: Durango Dev Kit Docker Image Name; by default zerasul/durangodevkit.
  • toolchain Type: Select the current Toolchain type:
    • Native: Use Native Commands (Depends on Operating System).
    • Docker: Use Docker Image implementation.


To use the Durango Code commands you need to enter to the VScode Commands palette (ctrl+shift+p) and see the commands starting with Durango Code:.

Durango EhBASIC

Durango Code Commands

Select the command and you can see a new Terminal called "durango.code" with the result of the command.

For more information about Durango Code or add some issues, please see the Github Repository: